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Groundhog Weekly

Groundhog's League News Page – GPL WEEKLY

Hotlap activities

These are offline hotlap competitions with given track+mod combos. Each challenge has a window when you can set your lap times. It starts usually 15 days before deadline. You must upload your player.ini (plac65.ini, etc) file to enter a challenge. If you are a registered GPLWeekly driver, please log in before uploading your file. If you are new to GPLWeekly, you can upload your file and will be registered as a guest automatically. Before further uploads please contact a league admin for login data at groundhog–at–freeleo–dot–hu address.

Opened challenges

track / mod / deadline best lap time so far driver car
panorama Bathurst / GT 1967
    Feb 28, 2019
2:02.758s Robert Fleurke Chaparral Mk2F   7.0

Lap time updates for opened challenges

track lap time driver car run / session
Bathurst 2:02.758s Robert Fleurke Chaparral Mk2F   7.0 2019-02-13 22:32:11 T

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