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League: Mybroga Motorsport (Mybroga)

Mybroga Motorsport  |  Mybroga

Reports by Marcos Mirande, Leo Galan Barlo, Miguel Palud.

Mybroga just concluded the 51th season and we're starting to plan our 52th

We'll race a division A with original Papy cars at wednesdays and a division B at tuesdays with a mod to be still voted.

In both divisions we'll race in Intermediate-Long mode, with shift-R allowed only in the entire first lap and after that only in pits. Cars of the division B will be free but the same along the season (some A-ish drivers will be assigned with a Cooper or BT7)

Division A will race with free chassis choice, with the following restrictions.
(1) Each chassis can be used up to two times during the season.
(2) The use of a BRM in at least one race will be assigned with 20 bonus points.*

* Handicapped drivers (Marcos Mirande, Enrique Farina and Pablo Sosa) should use the BRM twice to earn the 20 bonus points.

**EDIT** We'll do a series of races with the 1967x mod at non-F1legends sunday mornings. We'll use the Hauls2 server (THANKS to Warren Hall) in order to have reasonably good ping in the Americas and in Europe. The calendar will be announced race to race by here and facebook and the rules and modality (championship or funraces) are still to be decided.

If you wanna join us or have some questions about the league, don't hesitate in sending me a PM.

We're also in Facebook as "Mybroga (Grand Prix Legends)"

Cheers and Long Live GPL!! :)

FPS: 36     Timezone: GMT-3

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/486883451352137/

Seasons & champions   won by

Mybroga Season 52 Div. B
Next: Sachsenring / F2 1967 / Feb 26

José Fierroford

AdHoc Series - 2019

Mybroga Season 52 Div. A
Next: Sachsenring / 1967 / Feb 27

Fun Races - 2016

Chad Miller

Mybroga Season 9

Steve McLaren

Mybroga Season 8

Cesare Ascari

Mybroga Season 7

Stirling Moss

Mybroga Season 6

Miguel Palud

Mybroga Season 51 Div. B

Marcos Mirande

Mybroga Season 51 Div. A

Mybroga Season 51 FUN

Ruben Ramos

Mybroga Season 50 Div. B

José Fierroford

Mybroga Season 50 Div. A

Paul Jackson

Mybroga Season 5

Juan McMahon

Mybroga Season 49 Div. B

Enrique Farina

Mybroga Season 49 Div. A

Ruben Ramos

Mybroga Season 48 Div. B

Jorge Suarez

Mybroga Season 48 Div. A

Hernán Suarez

Mybroga Season 47

Jorge Suarez

Mybroga Season 46

Horacio Ostoich

Mybroga Season 45

Jorge Suarez

Mybroga Season 44

Horacio Ostoich

Mybroga Season 43

Hernan Suarez

Mybroga Season 42

Hernan Suarez

Mybroga Season 41

Damian Panaggio

Mybroga Season 40

Cesare Ascari

Mybroga Season 4

Hernan Suarez

Mybroga Season 39

David Cooke Jnr

Mybroga Season 38

Hernan Suarez

Mybroga Season 37

Hernan Suarez

Mybroga Season 36

Hristo Itchov

Mybroga Season 35

David Cooke Jnr

Mybroga Season 34

Damian Panaggio

Mybroga Season 33

David Cooke Jnr

Mybroga Season 32

Horacio Ostoich

Mybroga Season 31

Diego Plaza

Mybroga Season 30

Stirling Moss

Mybroga Season 3

Horacio Ostoich

Mybroga Season 29

José Fierroford

Mybroga Season 28

Christian Schegtel

Mybroga Season 27

Mariano Dominguez

Mybroga Season 26

Christian Schegtel

Mybroga Season 25

José Fierroford

Mybroga Season 24

Horacio Ostoich

Mybroga Season 23

José Fierroford

Mybroga Season 22

José Fierroford

Mybroga Season 21

Horacio Ostoich

Mybroga Season 20

Alberto Ascari

Mybroga Season 2

David Cooke Jnr

Mybroga Season 19

Horacio Ostoich

Mybroga Season 18

Michael Valls

Mybroga Season 17

David Cooke Jnr

Mybroga Season 16

Horacio Ostoich

Mybroga Season 15

Alex Tikhonov

Mybroga Season 14

Oliver Kloesov

Mybroga Season 13

Alex Tikhonov

Mybroga Season 12

Steve McLaren

Mybroga Season 11

Cesare Ascari

Mybroga Season 10

Cesare Maniago

Mybroga Season 1

Mybroga Hotlap Sessions

Mybroga - FUN


Horacio Ostoich (8×)
Hernan Suarez (6×)
José Fierroford (6×)
David Cooke Jnr (5×)
Jorge Suarez (3×)
Cesare Ascari (3×)
Steve McLaren (2×)
Alex Tikhonov (2×)
Ruben Ramos (2×)
Christian Schegtel (2×)
Damian Panaggio (2×)
Stirling Moss (2×)
Juan McMahon (1×)
Enrique Farina (1×)
Cesare Maniago (1×)
Miguel Palud (1×)
Alberto Ascari (1×)
Paul Jackson (1×)
Chad Miller (1×)
Oliver Kloesov (1×)
Michael Valls (1×)
Mariano Dominguez (1×)
Diego Plaza (1×)
Hristo Itchov (1×)
Marcos Mirande (1×)

Click here for full league stats


All the GPL things

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GPL launcher for the mods and an improved application for hosting and joining race servers.
For iGOR racelist: Browse to \Program Files\GPLSecrets\iGOR and edit the iGOR.ini file.
Change the old IP = gplrank.info to:
[ RaceListServers ]
IP = blw.net

For online racing. Lists race servers, and containing the chat rooms.

Nigel's new rasterizers
You might need it to run GPL flawlessly.

60fps v2 patch
This patch optimize GPL frame rate to newer (non CRT) screens.

Lee's Weather patch
Adds fog and changes grip - now changing!

Lee's Pitstop patch
An option for refuelling in the pits.

Lee's No Letterbox patch
This patch removes the black bars from the player cockpit view and the upper black bar from the replay view and eliminates the normal "Letterbox" effect.

Lee's Bobblehead Patch–Head Movement 77Ex patch
This patch dynamically adjusts the drivers' heads to simulate how real world drivers' heads rotate as they drive along the track.

Olaf's Pitstop patch
A step between Intermediate and Professional mode – dirt, tire wear, repair.

Bandwidth patch
For online racing. Enables to view more cars ahead and behind during online races. Default is 4+1.

Displays sector times, track positions, tire temps, etc.

GPL Replay Analyser
Telemetry, and race reporter. Click here for the latest beta. (No F2 and CanAm support to date.)

1955 MOD
Cars from season 1955.

1965 MOD
Cars from season 1965.

1966 MOD
Cars from season 1966.

1967 Sportscar MOD
Cars from GT season 1967.

1967 Formula 2 MOD
Cars from Formula 2 season 1967.

1969 MOD
Cars from season 1969. Choose 1969Xtra version! Click here for download mirror.

1971 CanAm MOD
Cars from CanAm season 1971.

Thundercars MOD
Semi-fictional CART/1972 cars. Click here for download mirror.

Tasman carset for 1965 and 1969 MOD
Cars from Tasmas Series 1964-1968.

Track Database
Provides 500+ tracks to download and drive from the history of auto racing.

A graphic option for fog (and fake night).

Martin's rpy dump utility (beta)
Reporter for all mods.


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