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League: Groundhog Seasons (Groundhog)

Groundhog Seasons  |  Groundhog

Reports by Jani Posta, Roo Mellor.

GBGPL was started by Peter Stenning in 2004 (Aug 8th? 9th?).
It started with two divisions, then it grew to three by the start of Season 2. Races were held on Thursdays, Div1 and Div2 at 8pm, Div3 at 9pm. When mod seasons (65/69) started they were held on Mondays. Plus we had fun three or two races on Saturdays.
Groundhog Series was started as a full Grand Prix series -- one race per month. Over the years the calendars were based on real 1950/55/60/65 calendars. (Race lengths were shortened in the late seasons.)
When Peter left the GPL scene and abandonded GBGPL (due to technical reasons), Jani took over admining the league and hosted the races. After we finished all the opened GBGPL seasons, we started the new seasons as Groundhog Seasons.
The Groundhog name was originated from Groundhog Day movie title, as we play the same year(s) again and again like the movie characters did with groundhog day :)

FPS: 60     Timezone: GMT+1

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Seasons & champions   won by

Bathurst 12 Hotlaps
Next: Bathurst / GT 1967 / Feb 28

Hotlap Challenges 2019

Summer Sundays Hotlap Challenge 2015

Iestyn Davies

GroundMOD Season 4 - Spa Marathon

Jani Posta

GroundMOD Season 3

Pedro van den Berg

GroundMOD Season 2

Anders Ostlund

GroundMOD Season 1

Hotlap Challenges 2018

Hotlap Challenges 2017

Hotlap Challenges 2016

Summer Sundays Hotlap Challenge 2014

Summer Hotlap Challenge 2013

Robert Fleurke

Hotlap Season 1

Robert Fleurke

Groundhog F2 Season 2

Mark Barresi

Groundhog F2 Season 1

CA66 Season 1 – Night Shift

Jani Posta

Groundhog 1969 Season 1

Robert Fleurke

Groundhog 1967 Season 5

Gabor Olah

Groundhog 1967 Season 4

Gabor Olah

Groundhog 1967 Season 3

Mark Barresi

Groundhog 1967 Season 2

Bosse Froderberg

Groundhog 1967 Season 1

Yannick Verheijen

Munchausen Rank Challenge

Roo Mellor

Groundhog 1965 Season III

Robert Fleurke

Groundhog 1965 S2 - Dastardly and Muttley Cup

Mark Barresi

Groundhog 1965 Season 1 

Yannick Verheijen

Groundhog 1955 Season 1

Piero Mercaldo

GroundMOD Season 5 - Hotlap Challenge

Groundhog Festival Events 2018

1967 Reversed Rank Hotlap Challenges

Pre-War Series #6

Roo Mellor

Pre-War Series #5

Pre-War Series #4

Gabor Olah

Groundhog GP Series 1965

Gyula Soos

Groundhog GP Series 1960

Gabor Soos

Groundhog GP Series 1955

Andrew Aitken

Groundhog GP Series 1950

Fantasy Season One

Groundhog Festival Events 2017

Groundhog Festival Events 2016

Groundhog Festival Events 2015

Groundhog Festival Events 2014

Groundhog Festival Events 2013

Groundhog Festival Events 2012

CanAm Euro Hotlap Challenge 1971

Robert Fleurke

Historic Rank Hotlap Challenges

Challenge Rank Hotlap Season

Yannick Verheijen

1955 Rank Hotlap Challenges


Robert Fleurke (5×)
Yannick Verheijen (3×)
Gabor Olah (3×)
Mark Barresi (3×)
Roo Mellor (2×)
Jani Posta (2×)
Andrew Aitken (1×)
Iestyn Davies (1×)
Pedro van den Berg (1×)
Anders Ostlund (1×)
Bosse Froderberg (1×)
Gyula Soos (1×)
Gabor Soos (1×)
Piero Mercaldo (1×)

Click here for full league stats


All the GPL things

The core. Try this, and if you like it continue with these below:

GPL launcher for the mods and an improved application for hosting and joining race servers.
For iGOR racelist: Browse to \Program Files\GPLSecrets\iGOR and edit the iGOR.ini file.
Change the old IP = gplrank.info to:
[ RaceListServers ]
IP = blw.net

For online racing. Lists race servers, and containing the chat rooms.

Nigel's new rasterizers
You might need it to run GPL flawlessly.

60fps v2 patch
This patch optimize GPL frame rate to newer (non CRT) screens.

Lee's Weather patch
Adds fog and changes grip - now changing!

Lee's Pitstop patch
An option for refuelling in the pits.

Lee's No Letterbox patch
This patch removes the black bars from the player cockpit view and the upper black bar from the replay view and eliminates the normal "Letterbox" effect.

Lee's Bobblehead Patch–Head Movement 77Ex patch
This patch dynamically adjusts the drivers' heads to simulate how real world drivers' heads rotate as they drive along the track.

Olaf's Pitstop patch
A step between Intermediate and Professional mode – dirt, tire wear, repair.

Bandwidth patch
For online racing. Enables to view more cars ahead and behind during online races. Default is 4+1.

Displays sector times, track positions, tire temps, etc.

GPL Replay Analyser
Telemetry, and race reporter. Click here for the latest beta. (No F2 and CanAm support to date.)

1955 MOD
Cars from season 1955.

1965 MOD
Cars from season 1965.

1966 MOD
Cars from season 1966.

1967 Sportscar MOD
Cars from GT season 1967.

1967 Formula 2 MOD
Cars from Formula 2 season 1967.

1969 MOD
Cars from season 1969. Choose 1969Xtra version! Click here for download mirror.

1971 CanAm MOD
Cars from CanAm season 1971.

Thundercars MOD
Semi-fictional CART/1972 cars. Click here for download mirror.

Tasman carset for 1965 and 1969 MOD
Cars from Tasmas Series 1964-1968.

Track Database
Provides 500+ tracks to download and drive from the history of auto racing.

A graphic option for fog (and fake night).

Martin's rpy dump utility (beta)
Reporter for all mods.


Sim Racing Mirror Zone
All the updates, news and discussions about Grand Prix Legends.

GPL Rank
Compare your lap times to benchmarks, world records or selected driver on any tracks.

GPL group on Facebook

GPL group on Steam

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