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This is Soeren Scharf's GPL.tv client application extended with a fake GPL install and tracks of the current Groundhog season(s). The mod-related ini files were also modified here and there.

The gpl.exe in this pack is only a 1 bit text file. The .trk files in the /tracks/<trackname> folders contain only the track layouts. If you'd like to try the game, download and install the GPL 2004 DEMO edition. Links and more info on the Leagues and links page.

If you are a racer, supposedly you have lots of tracks already installed, so you can ignore both /replay and /tracks folders in this zip. Set your working GPL.exe path in GPLtv.

The server list does not work anymore, but you can connect directly to a server when you know the Server IP address (is displayed in iGOR). In GPL.tv -> “Connect to Server” and use Port 32001.

GPL.tv website – All the official infos.
GPL.tv 0.2.7 topic on SRMZ.net – Give feedback on the latest release.

YouTube playlist: GBGPL/Groundhog YouTube playlist: Grand Prix Legends unsorted

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